Romney and Obama are twins!

I wouldn’t have believed it!  Romney and Obama are twins!  Honest to goodness twins!

It’s not the pictures of these folks that tell the story.  It’s in the words, it’s what they say.  Come with me!  Let’s look at a single video on YouTube.

Start off with Universal Health Care.  Identical health care program. Yes, with identical features.  A gun control law with licensing to “protect us from the crazies”, they both say.  Yes, an identical program.  Sanctions placed upon Iran.  Identical program. TARP, the identical solution no matter what the cast.  Automobile manufactures bailout.  Identical solution.  Rebuilding infrastructure.  Again, identical solution.  Line item veto, again the same solution.  Federal Reserve.  Reappoint Bernanke say both Romney and Obama and keep the rest the same.  Wiretap places of Muslum worship, church, playgrounds and so on to detcct anti-American planning.  Yes, the identical solution, Romney and Obama say.  NDAA, National Defence Authorization Act.  Capture Americans living in the US or overseas if an competent authority decides with of trials or hearing that they have contributed to terrorism committed by al Queda or similar organization.  The US military is to have total control.  Those who survive lose of freedom will be kept in American prisons or sent overseas for an indefinite time. Both gentlemen agree.  Payroll tax reduction.  Yes, say both gentlemen, keep it going. Energy.  Reduce dependence on foreign oil and increase our use of renewable energy resource.

Now, I emphasize that when I write identical they are identical, they are the sameCheck it out.  Play the recording several times.

So what is to be made of this?  It seems that both candidates promise the same things and will deliver them is that same way.  But they compete for the same position, and Romney is a Republican and Obama is a Democrat.

It is almost of if there were a need to get a message out, and the only way to do that was   to embed the same message in Romney and in Obama send them into battle one another.  That way as long either one won the presidency the message would be saved and then broadcast to the world.

Then there is Ron Paul, a Republican whose audiences appear to far larger that either Romney’s or Obama’s.  His message is simple and honest and has been so for nearly for over thirty years.  He appeals to the young and to the old, and now he is moving very, very rapidly, rapidly enough to win the Republican nomination and the presidency.

Ron Paul has a message.  It is partically based on Washington’s presidental fairwell speech, which cautions the leaders of our republic to only trade with other nations.  Our leaders should not be encumbered by alliances and treaties that tie us to others nations.  They should take care of our own people and keep and protect America from foreign invasions by defending our own shores.

This is surely not the message of Romney and Obama.  Romney and Obama both dance as twins, always mindful of their own message but never aware of Washington’s address.  They never get it that the people really want peace, tranquility and honest government.


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