Network Against New World Order: Planet Infowars

Alex Jones has just announced Planet Infowars, a new network designed to give voice to the millions of listeners who want to set up websites focusing on the death and destruction imposed by the NWO on people who just want to lead peaceful and productive lives.

These are people who really want to get out their stories out.  There are others who want to have a convenient way finding people who think to way they do and wish to establish relationship with time.  Finally, there are people looking to find some group they could fit into.

In any case the banner and sign-up sheet for Planet Infowars are located at the website.

The parent website,, has been on the web for over ten years.  Now Jones claims it ranks number two, beaten only by, which has been with us for nearly twenty years.

The format of has changed over time, initially set up Jones and another person doing the stories and his wife running the website.  Now he is reported to have fifty or more persons at the production facility in downtown Austin, Texas.  He has a field correspondents and video camera operators numbering approximately ten.

Jones has continuously upgrade his staff and his production facilities.  The simple studio he had about seven years ago has grown into to a massive TV facility.  It has first-grade video formats to introduce the shows and very large screen monitor to show guests in real time.  Guests are brought in via video Skype if the are located out of town.  Host directly interview them if they are visiting Austin and can get to the studio.

The Drudge Report, on the other hand, came to life in 1998 when it broke to Bill Clinton and Monaca Lewinsky presidential story, the hanky-panky tawdry tale that took place inside and outside the White House.  It has a basic format, black print on white paper and fifty of so headlines giving tantalizing invitations to dig deeper.  This happens when we click on the headline links. There is also a huge banner announcing the story of the hour or hours at the top of the page.  Little is known about the size of the operaton and it is unlikely that Drudge will attempt a website network like Jones has started.

The Planet Infowars network is likely to turn into big success for  Jones has done well for himself the past ten years, and the network should turn out to be another winner for him.


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