Army Prepares for Martial Law and Killing of Americans Stateside

Several recent reports have shown that the US Army is preparing to institute martial law.  These preparations may include the shooting and killing of Americans involved in acts of violence and lawlessness.  Bottom line, the apparent offenders will be shot on sight!

Kurt Nimmo wrote the first version of the story on July 6, in Army Course Manual Trains Soldiers to Confiscate Constitutionally-Protected Firearms; Paul Joseph Watson  wrote about it on July 6, in Army Manual Outlines Plan to Kill Rioters, Demonstrators in America; and Dan Feidt completed that story on July 7, in Military Prepares for Martial Law Takeover.  Darrin McBreen interviews Feidt on the Infowars evening news show for July 7.

This is not the first time nor the last time you will hear about preparations for martial law and the killing of Americans by American troops with intent.  But now the stakes have become high, very high.

We are now facing in the next few months a ramping up of activities consistent with takeover of our government by persons focused on making life very difficult for Americans, all Americans.

Up until now gross miscarriages of justice have been committed by police agencies  throughout that US, who have shown on camera the body damage several officers acting in concert can inflict upon a drunk.  Occasionally the drunk dies at the hands of officers.  Incredible!

Equally incredible is how a TSA agent can been so misinformed about how a woman’s brassiere works.  The agent uncovers just enough of forbidden territory on a woman to to evoke laughter for his cohorts.  As they laugh the woman sobs.  She has been manhandled by the agent.  Embarrassment for the woman?  Yes.  Death?  No, not this time.

But this week things get down the nitty gritty.  We  are not viewing the arrest of a drunk and the inappropriate handling of an airline customer at TSA line at some airport.

We are on duty looking for people commiting violent acts.  Or acts that we’re sure are violent acts.  Then, we are to shoot the persons involved in these actions while event is still taking place.  If we shoot those persons will die or they might not die.

What will an armed US serviceman in full battle attire stationed at location with a dozen other equally armed troops do to an American in the crowd who makes a false move?  An action that is out of the ordinary.

Shoot the American who is out line?  Refuse to shoot him?

Are you that American soldier?  Is this happening to you.  Will you shoot and possibly kill him.  What will be your report if he was commiting a violent act?

What will be your report if, on the other hand, it was one of those errors…”Gosh, I thought he was…”.

Then, what will you do?  What will you do?


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