UN History of Disarmament with Bob Dacy and Alex Jones

Bob Dacy joined Alex Jones of the Infowars.com report to provide us with a review of the UN’s efforts to achieve gun control and disarmament.

For the past thirty-four years he has owned and operated a hardware store in north Austin, Texas.  He is also a gunsmith.

Dacy occasionally hosts the show for Jones but it has been a year since his last appearance on the show.  He is very familiar with the efforts on the part of UN in gun control.  Dacy is a writer on gun control for various magazines.

Austin is the city of origin of the Infowars.com and the entire Alex Jones radio network. It started as one man, on-the-air show on Austin Access television in 1994.  Since then the Infowars.com radio network has grown to occupy two televison studios in downtown Austin, a worldwide presence on Internet, a satellite television connection and one-hundred and fifteen mainline radio stations in the US.

Meanwhile its staff has grown to six to eight or so reporters and camera operators and support staff.  Jones says that he has reramped his operation in the past three months with the intention of becoming the dominant player in alternate media.  Indeed, Infowars.com already has become recognized by the Drudge Report and other mainline publications as a reliable source of first run news information.

There are live shows for 11 AM to 2:00 PM with continous replay around the clock Monday through Friday and one live at 4:00 to 6:00 PM on Sunday with replays.  Broadcasts can be heard over the media mentioned as well as by going to Alex Jones  website.

Today, we have a segment the Alex Jones channel covering this talk with media expert Bob Dacy.  Dacy’s knowledge of the subject on gun control is as impressive as Jones’.  This video provides us with an honest perspective on the actual work of the UN on gun control and disarmament.


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