Jesse Ventura: Police State and FEMA Camps in the US – It’s not Theory

Many films people see on television or at movie theaters consist of conspiracy theory.  What I bring you here is not conspiracy theory but rather conspiracy fact.

It is the real story of private investigation of the police state and FEMA camps in the U.S. by Jesse Ventura, former govenor of Minnesota, and his team of investigators.

The story was shot in 2010 for viewing in 2011, that is in the second season of the show.  Each season consists of approximately six, forty-five minute broadcasts shown on air, a week or so apart.  Each broadcast covers a different topic.  For example, 911 or the off-shore oil rig explosion.

Because the major networks do everthing to avoid the topics that have any controversy, show was called Jesse Ventura Conspiracy Theories.  This gave the program a little edge in the competition for a listenership.

From the first show that listenership turned out to be very large.  This is why the producing company opted for second season.  Police State and FEMA was produced for that season.  A third season on the show was never discussed, though the listership was very high througout the second season.  Apparently, the show was too popular.  Presumably that’s why is was discontinued.

The investigatory team consist of appoximately four or five members in each case.  Jesse Ventura’s son is one of the team members.  On some of the shows Alex Jones of Infowars. com serves as on team member.  Jones is in on the Police State and FEMA Camps program, serving a guide and advisor but Ventura leads the way.

Now, sit back and enjoy the Police State and the FEMA Camp show.  Remember this is fact, not fiction.  This is not acting.  This is real.  This is real.


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