Red Level Alert: America Under Siege – The Roundup Begins!!

Red Level Alert begins!  Banking industry officials, new world order members and their leaders have come up with a means they think will defeat the the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

The method requires United Nations assistance.  President Obama is to sign a UN document that agrees that no civilians be permitted to own, use and carry repeating firearms.  But ownership and use of repeating firearms is to be permitted by police and military personnel.

By definition, a repeating firearm need to be cocked only once after the gun has been loaded.  It can be fired without repeating the cocking procedure.

President Obama will sign the UN document on Monday, and it will then be passed on to the Senate for ratification.  And that will be that!  The police and military will start their pick-ups of no-longer useful firearms after that.

Or so we think!  Yesterday, Alex Jones of opened up his morning broadcast livid!  He described the situation and its relationship to the James Holmes affair, in which there was a clear relationship between the need for a false flag attack in Aurora, Colorado and Obama’s signing of the UN document.

Again, as used here, a false flag attack is said to occur when a “enemy” sets off an action that kills one or more persons.  The attack is blamed on the enemy but the attacker is the country itself, which tells their unaware people that it will now take the attack to the enemy.

Jones’ analysis went for a total of approximately forty-five minutes, covering a range of topics but all centered on the shooting in Aurora and the possible loss of the Second Amendment.

His logic was flawless and the conclusions were obvious.  Enjoy!


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