Gerald Celente: The 2nd American Revolution Starts Here!

Gerald Celente, the celebrated financial futurist, visited the Alex Jones’ show about a month ago via video Skype.  The purpose of the visit was to discuss in his own unique way the state of the world and the progress of the New World Order in getting things placed just right for the upcoming revolution.

Celente comes to the show once a month and generally leaves us with a few things to think about and nearly always gets us chuckling about even serious things.  His appearance on the show this time, lasting a little over an hour, fits the mold.

When I used the term “celebrated futurist” I meant precisely that.  He and his team of really distinguished analysts produce a digest that reviews the previous reporting periods.  Then it goes on to predict the future based on trends of the past.

You can contact him at the Trends Research Institute, which he formed in 1980, on the Internet at

So, the trends method is not a guessing game rather a sophisticated protocol for accurately predicting future trends.  It is used by many of this customers to plan future economic moves for business and by others for determining the allocation resources.  It is also used by others to help them find their way through these confusing times.

In using the term “revolution” he refers not to fighting the streets, not the killing of thousands and even millions of people but to the strategies for getting the economy straighted out.  The staighting out process may be painful but, according to Celente, his revolution is not designed to be violent.

As an example of nonviolence, just before he came on the show Celente had purchased an old and celebrated American revolutionary home near his base of operation in New York state.  Called the Franz P. Roggen House, it was built in 1750 in Kingston, New York.  It is a Dutch Colonial style home.  For Celente, it represents revolutionary times, and its purchase serves as the starting for his symbolic revolution.

The interview lasts one hour and ten minutes.  I’ve recorded it and present it here.  So sit back and gather what can from the exchanges between Celente and Jones.  I will present other recordings of Gerald Celente and Alex Jones discussing important topics as appear from time to time.


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