Banking Cartel Plots Civil War with the People

This is a portion of the July 30th broadcast of featuring Alex Jones.  The recent deluge of attacks against the Second Amendment were completely predictable in the aftermath of the Colorado massacre, but what perhaps was not so expected was that so many of them have come from Republicans.

The lastest  attack on gun rights came yesterday from intellectual anchor of the Supreme Court’s conservative wing, Justice Antonin Scalia.  On Fox News Sunday, Scalia said that the Second Amendment leaves room for “certain types of weapons to be regulated”.

Within forty-eight hours of the Aurora mass shootings Rupert Murdock commented, “We have to do some about the Second Amendment”.  Bill O’Reilly, Piers Morgan, Michael Moore, Michael Bloomberg, Bill Kriston, and Michael Savage voiced similar complaints and added savaging remarks about the Second Amendment.

You are encouraged to listen to the entire show and Alex Jones commentary.  The show is forty minutes long.


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