The Deliberate Artificial Society We Live Under

Friday evening I was paging through the web, and I came across a current Alex Jones show that really caught my attention.  The show was on world government and past as well as current attempts by Washington, in particular by the White House, to eliminate private gun ownership in the United States.

During the show Alex spoke initially about Bernadine Smith.  Smith was to be on the next segment of the program for an hour and a half to discuss world government and gun laws.

Fourteen years ago, Bernadine had sent Alex a binder containing newspaper articles and commentary about the status of world government and gun control.  The dates ran all the way back to the early thirties and up until the late nineties.

Alex passed on the binder to a friend and thought little about it until the mass shooting of two weeks ago at Aurora, Colorado.  The he was reminded by the staff of Bernadine Smith, the gun expert and columnist, and he decided to have her on his show.

He contacted her and scheduled the on-air interview.  Within a few days he received three binders from her containing an ungraded version of the single volume he received fourteen years before plus two more newer volumes.  Apparently, she had never slackened on her pace.  One had become three!

Bernadine Smith is busy, well-known woman.  She is a political columnist, gun advocate, and founder of the Second Amendment Committee.  Part and parcel of her work on gun advocacy is the compiling of three binders containing containing major newspaper articles and comments on world govenment and gun control.

The volumes contain the ongoing plans for world government and the elimination of firearms in the United States.  These three volumes were featured on Alex’s show along with Bernadine Smith.

As usual an Alex Jones show covers lots of other topics including the famous Chick Fil-a story, the lastest on fluoride damage to men and women, 1967 report on hurricane control, and so on.  But I suggest you watch all of it because doing so will prepare you for Bernadine Smith interview, which comes in the next segment.

This show is 42 mintes long.  Here is the link.  Enjoy!


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