Eco-Tyranny: The Left’s Green Agenda with Brian Sussman

Brian Sussman is a TV news weatherman, an author, a talk show host and a promoter of cultural events, many of them for the benefit of children.  Brian joined Alex Jones on his show,, on August 3 for an hour to discuss eco-tyranny, the subject of his last book.  It was an enjoyable, entertaining and illuminating hour.

But before I forget to alert you, the sound in this video goes silent starting at about fifteen minutes into the beginning to the show.  Just move your cursor past this point in the time line and find out where it picks up, which is about nineteen minutes.  It is probably a commercial break that was not filled in.  That it.

Throughout the past five to fifteen years we have found the young proponents of the eco-environment at our at front door, smiling from ear-to-ear.  Their promoting was to save the trees, save the water, and save the land.  Then they would ask us to sign this piece of paper or that one.  We would do that and perhaps contribute a dollar.  All the while we have wondered just what has happened to the past fifteen years knocking on doors.

Plenty!  Here is an example. In Austin, Texas you have seen large pieces of taken off tax roles and the inhabitants and their homes removed.  All of this is for the purpose of transforming that land into a wildlife observatories or peaceful places where people can just be and commune with nature.  This was why the land was set aside!

Too often, however, the land was never used for this purpose.  Instead the land lies fallow for two to five years.  Then there was some activity and suddenly a lot of building in that location.  Finally, a shopping mall, an office space for professionals, or a golf course appears in that same spot.

What kind of deal was this supposed be?  Well, it was an Austin deal.  It could have been a Chicago deal or a Boston deal.  It was the kind of deal you get when the people who have the power but never show it on camara do well when television cameras are off.  Try to get around this bit of legal gymnastics and you may find yourself in more trouble than you can handle.

Alex and Brian talk about the switch from analog to digital metering.  Power companies have been installing digital metering for three years or so.  Generally the home owners and apartment dwellers receive telephone calls from the power company.  Or it may send them a note indicating that they will be by in a week to swap out the existing analog electrical meter for a digital one.

The power companies tell you that there will be no change in the operating environment.  But there will be!  First of all the power companies will control, yes control, your use of power.  For instance, if you use too much they will cut it back.  Secondly, when you install any of the newer dishwashers, new clothes washers and driers, and even a new television set, each of the appliance will have a built in microphone, carefully hidden of course, in each appliance.

This microphone allows the power company to listen to conversation in your home.  Power companies insist that it was assist them in finding trouble areas.

Now take a typical scene not too many months for now.  The outside temperature is spiking, hitting 0ne-hundred five, you have to you six inch face TV going, you are drying laundry, and you have a roast in the oven.

The guy, or better yet, that circuit monitoring your elecricity usage suddenly says, “No!  He’s using too much power”.  Off goes to TV, the ovens power drop down to a low setting, and the drier shuts off.  The microphones on the appliance hear you yell, “What the Hell!”.  What do we do?  Call someone and get someone to respond?  Not a chance!

There are many more cases and solutions discussed by Alex and Brian. They are thought provoking.  Catch them on Alex’s website.  Enjoy!


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