The Rot at the Top with Gerald Celente

Gerald Celente as Alex’s guest on  The date of the program is 7th of August.   It is the usual periodic visit. and Gerald is hot, hot, hot!  The subject is rot!

To remind readers who have just started reading this column, Gerald is the founder, operator and editor of  The Trends Journal, a predictive source for the economy, social changes and politics.  It is used by small businesses, large corporation and individuals to get a handle on how they must handle the financial affairs in the coming months and years.

Predication is not achieved by guessing or even relying of the memory of Gerald.  Instead it is gained by watching and recording trends in the evolving tapestry of social events, money flow, and policy that give rise to events and predictions for  the future.  These resulting trends are published in The Trends Journal, a journal designed for the wise.

Aiding Celente in judging of trends a staff of experts on verious areas and computer programs Gerald developed starting over ten years ago.  His staff continues to grow.

View this volumn of the show on YouTube.  It is 54 minutes long and a gem!  Enjoy!


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