Deficiency of Vitamins and Minerals Causes Obesity

When I came in this evening I read the first article in, Deficiency of Vitamins and Minerals Causes Obesity.  I’d known deficiencies would produce this effect but had not expected to see it in the lead article in this journal.

What I’ll do is enclose the first three paragraphs as quotes so that you can see how the authors view the products they have tested over the past year and let you hear about their findings.  Then I’ll add some of my own commentary.


“While most Americans are aware of an increasing health and obesity problem in this country many are unaware that this problem is scientifically engineered by a ruthless global elite. By creating GMO foods, injecting our society with toxic vaccines and medications, depleting our soils of essential minerals and even spiking the public water systems with poisonous fluoride and hundreds of other chemicals, our nation has turned into a land of overweight dumbed down victims.”

“ has discovered that by simply returning the 90 essential minerals and vitamins you depend on back into your diet, not only will your health improve; you will lose weight effortlessly. When your body doesn’t get the minerals it needs, you will consume more calories everyday and still remain unhealthy and obese. reporter Aaron Dykes discovered this for himself when he decided to try the Youngevity products which contain all the essential vitamins and minerals we need. He did so without realizing he was about to lose over 90 pounds and keep them off with ease.”

“ and would like to challenge everyone out there to discover the amazing healing effects of returning the essential 90 to your diet.”


You can read about products as well as hear about them on the Bright Side, broadcast over alternative radio stations.  Bright Side Ben ( is broadcast over the local affiliate in Austin, Texas on 90.1 MHz and carries the show of same title hosted by Ben Fuchs.   It is this live version that is broadcast every day over affiliate FM radio stations throughout the country.  You can pick up the link alternatively at

Ben Fuchs is a registered pharmacist who practices the bright side philosophy.  This is that all pain and maladies are related to the low or missing elements in 90 vitamins and minerals in the body.  Pain and maladies will be enhanced by attempting to make up for the absense of the vitamins and minerals by consuming other foods that do not contain the missing elements.

The solution is simple.  Choose not to consume those foods that produce pain or discomfort in the body, replacing them with foods that bring pleasure or at the very minimum no discomfort.  Then add dietary supplements made of the 90 vitamins and minerals to bring about pleasure where there had been pain and discomfort.  Simple?  Yes, and powerful!

To learn more about this method of altering your eating choice, go to Deficiency in Vitamin and Minerals Causes Obesity.  Read and enjoy!


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