Lew Rockwell: Gov’t is Far Worse than the Mafia

Here is Lew Rockwell from yesterday, August 14, talking with Alex Jones about the current state of the economy and of politics in the United States.

Lew minces no words.  He gets to his point: the US Government is far worse that the mafia!

Alex introduces him.  You know Lew well.

I write to you in such an abbreviated form because I know that he will give you the best that he has and that is enough.  The duration of the show is 40 minutes.

A word of caution: Alex has inserted a commercial for his latest products from 17.oo until 20.00 on the scale.  Just drive by 17.00 and pick up the interview at 20.00.

Now go to the link for this show.  Enjoy!

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