Max Keiser: We’re in a Financial Holocaust!

.It’s Friday, August 17 and I have just finished listening to Alex Jones interview Max Keiser.  This video is not yet available on YouTube.

So I’ve elected to show the last recorded interview of Keiser by Alex Jones, August 12.  This issue is excellent.  I’ll put up today’s issue when it becomes available, which I believe will be tomorrow.

Keiser, who was a stock and options trader on Wall Steet for many years, is now a journalist and film maker in Europe.  But Keiser was not a typical trader.  He was the exception trader, coming up with software that entire industry uses and adding other innovations.

Unlike some professionals in the market, Keiser has maintained in razor-sharp view of the markets as well as political affairs since leaving Wall Street.  He continues to zero-in on the financial news, and his predictions are deadly accurate and timely.

Make sure you have time to view the entire video, since it is on-the-money.  The entire show is 58 minutes long.

This link can be found here.  Listen to it carefully.


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