Is a Major False Flag Attack Coming Soon?

Darrin McBreen hosted the evening news show at and had Mike Adams as guest.  Mike hosts Alex Jones show on a off-and-on basis whenever Alex is occupied with other guests or otherwise away.  He also has his own website.

The show started off with a review of Gary Harrington’s thirty-day incarceration in Oregon and a fine of $1,500 on a charge of draining three reservoirs of runoff rainwater on his property.  Harrington expected this treatment and volunteered gladly to the sentence, stating that it is his way of exposing the insanity of the law.  The law was put on the books in 1925.

Mike Adams said that this was foolish way to treat Harrington since other states actually pay land owners tax credits for draining these reservoirs to maintain a healthy soil environment.  The process is call permaculture.

Mike sees false flag event coming up very soon since President Obama is doing poorly when it comes to poll numbers.  A false flag event such as Oklahoma City federal building in the mid nineteen nineties would strengthen Obamabot support Obama and could get him reelected.

Asked what families could to do to lessen the likelihood of injuries by event such as Oklahoma City, Mike said he’d permanently move away from the cities into the country now if at all possible.

There is lots of information in this 27 minute clip.  Go this link.  Listen carefully and enjoy!


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