Attorney Whitehead: Psychiatrist Threatens & Terrorizes Marine Over 9/11 Facebook Posts

Attorney John Whitehead stated that a psychiatrist threatened to drug a young, retired, decorated, honorably discharged ex-Marine, Brandon Raub, with an abundence of battlefield experience and in conjection with his statements posted in Facebook.

These statements caused Raub to be arrested and incarcerated in military hospital even though he did not break any law nor violate any regulation.

John Whitehead of the Rutherford Institute spoke with the judge who had jurisdiction over the case.  The judge found that the records showed that the ex-Marine had violated no law or regulation.  Accordingly, the judge ordered him to be released immediately.

Whitehead said that when he spoke with Raub he came across as very bright person.  But Raub was shaken by the psychiatrist’s statement that he was planning to drug him to get him under control.

Incarceration and transfer to a military hospital in permitted in some states even though the person has violated no law.  The person may be held up to thirty days for observation.

John Whitehead stated that he learned from associates that there are over twenty-thousand cases very much like this one on the books in Virginia.  Most of those cases never see the light of day.  He suggested to Raub, who is from Virginia, that he file a case against the government charging false arrest.

Alex Jones, who interviewed John Whitehead, said that he encourages his listeners to take action now, since that is likely to become a issue in views of all the activity.

Duration of this video clip is 28 minutes.  Listen to it all at this link.



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