Max Keiser: The Raping of a Country

Max Keiser, ex-stock broker, options trader and wizard stock market systems inventor, visited Alex Jones’ on August 17 to follow up on his prediction of a few days ago.  It was that the entire system, the whole world system, would collapse by April 2013 if it had not fallen apart before then.

Keiser had an opportunity to review the status of Japan over the past twenty years.  The Japanese economy gave way twenty years ago, and the people saved it by putting their retirement money into securities supporting the economy.

However, these people are now getting ready to retire.  So they will be pulling their money out so that they will have money to live on.  This will cause interest to increase.  It could be the factor that brings about the dimise of the world economy.  The Japanese economy is second behind the US’ and it could be that one that does it for all of us.

As to China, the lastest information is that it has pulled enirely of the stock market and is now a net purchaser of gold.  Their government states by the end of this year it will have purchased at least one thousand tons of gold, although that figure could be as high at three thousand tons.  The US has eight thousand tons of gold.

So a lot is happening, and April 2013 is a lot closed than might think.  For example, one morning Americans will wake to gas at $15 per gallon and a bag of groceries costing $300.  Or  the people are growning angry over Jon Corzine, former govenor of New Jersey, having lost of pile of the people’s money.  He’s not having to come up with an answer to where is it.  Corzine says he just doesn’t know!  The people want to know what happened, and why he is either not in jail, hit with a very large fine or both!

The pot of water’ is boiling, boiling, boiling and its getting ready to blow!

Much is available on this video clip.  Go to the link.  Read it carefully.  Enjoy!


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