Antonio Buehler, Peaceful Streets Founder, Snatched-up for Filming Austin Police Dept. Stop

Peaceful Streets Founder and Austin activist, Antonio Buehler, was picked up last night on a charge of interfering with an arrest.

A call for information on the arrest of Buehler made to the Austin Police Department non-emergency line was transferred to Travis County.  Buehler is currently locked behind bars at Travis County awaiting an arraignment hearing this afternoon.

Buehler was filming the arrest of a man from thirty feet away who had just had been pushed to ground.  When police asked that man if Buehler was bothering him, he said yes.  Buehler was taken into custody and transferred to Travis County jail, where he awaits a hearing by a judge this afternoon.  As usual, he is represented by his attorney, a well-know lawyer in Austin.

Antonio Buehler is 35 years old and a US Army graduate of from West Point Military Academy with a specialty of systems engineering.  He holds a MS in business administration of Stanford Graduate School.  Buehler has been active in getting capable men and women into the best graduate schools.

Over that past few years a has spearheaded an effort to clean up corruption in the Police Department.  A part of this effort has been to equip men and women with small portable cameras that are to be used to cover on-the-spot street arrests in Austin.  The footage is to be used in court cases where the police have the only other footage of the arrests.

A clip showing the video of the arrest and details of this case in available here.  You will find an outline of his education and accomplishments here.  Enjoy!


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