Dr. Peter Glidden Exposes Criminal History of the Failed Medical Model

Dr. Peter Glidden visited Alex Jones on August 29 to clarify and examine some of his statements on the criminal history of the failed allotropic medical model.

Dr. Glidden is a nuturopath.  He obtained his doctor of naturopathy degree at University of of Washington and has a BA from the University of Massachsetts.  Glidden has had a practice for twenty-five years in Illiniois and a radio show, “Fire your MD Now”, on Monday through Friday on GCN.

According to Dr. Glidden, the medical model works for a handful of cases in internal medicine, trauma surgery and combative injury.  However, it virtually useless for the thousands of cases that people visit their practitioners offices to have looked at, evaluated, and cured.

The problem is that medical doctors are not trained in anything but the reductionistic allopathic pharmaceutical model of illness.  This model says if your not perfect the way you are, you out of luck.  The only thing that can for done for you is to modify the way you body behaves through the use of drugs.  Either that, or remove a part from your body.

This model does not work and has never worked, according to Dr. Glidden.  Instead the real problem is that you are not getting the right kinds of vitamins and minerals and the proper amounts of them.  Keep “topping up” with the right kind of vitamins and minerals and we remain health, very healthy!

The track record of allopathic physicians in general is very poor.  A recent study conducted by major publisher of medical literature concluded that every year allopathic physicians kill of the overage of 780,000 patients through the use of drugs, treatment of surgeries.  That’s poor!

Dr. Glidden discusses a whole group of failures in allopathic medicine and shows that they that can be cured using naturopathic methods.  Go to this link.  Enjoy!


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