High-tech Police State Hardware Rolled Out in Tampa for RNC

Contrary to what they said on Saturday, the police have rolled out high-tech machinery to maintain to state of unrest in Tampa for the Republican National Convention.

Featured in a view of an armed, rolling wheel gun boat are shot guns mounted to blow the legs out from objectors in short order and with a minimum of fuss.

It’s not that that that gun boats are heavily armed with a dozen or more troops but rather that the boats are remotely controlled and deadly and without military personnel.

Forty years ago fireman wielding hoses shooting water at crowds were that only way they had to controlling crowds.  Then, thirty years later the army took over, manning sound cannons, viscous dogs and billigerant attitudes.

Now it seems that even that armed soldiers almost absent, replaced by shot-gun armed vehicles controlled in this distance by zapped out, gun-toting military boys out to prove that they have arrived.

Take a good look at the photo and the text assembled to show you how to behave toward your captors in this view of the machine against the people.  Enjoy!


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