US Farmers turn to Gummy Worms, Fruit Loops to Feed Cows after Corn Shortage

US cattle ranchers turn to gummy worms and fruit loops as corn and soybeans vanish from the available food to feed their feedlot friends.

These two substitutes for grassland foliage and grass, corn and soy, are way down on availability and way up on price with the severe droughts that have hit the the western states this summer.

Many cattle ranchers, alert to the needs of the herds, have worked with their suppliers to come up with substitutes that will keep their animal alive at least until slaughter time.  The solution they have come up with is…you guessed it…gummy worm and fruit loops and other trash food.  It’s the food — trash food — that keeps our kids giggling and, at the same time, cause dentists to smile.

Reuters, publishing in the Vancouver Times on September 23, came up with the following story on the more desperate cattle ranchers and their turning to junk food herd relief.

It points up the real story: that most of us have been throwing down our throats cooked, second grade cattle, animals fed on corn and soy instead of the fresh, open-air grassland munchies, the food all of God’s four-footed friends enjoy and prosper on.

Read the entire story, which is accessible by keying in this link.



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