GMO Study: Rats Fed Lifetime of GM Develop Mass Tumors, Die Early

Anthony Gucciardi published this paper, GMO Study: Rats Fed Lifetime of GM Develop Mass Tumors, Die Early, in the September 19th issue of Natural Society. 

The first few paragraphs have been extracted from the paper and presented below.

To see the full paper and photographs of the rats and their bulging, under-the-skin tumors, go to indication marked link and click on it with your mouse.


A new GMO study may very well change the way that the world looks at GMOs  once and for all. Complete with shocking and very disturbing photos of rats with  tumors larger than a golf ball in size, a new French GMO study has concluded  that rats fed a lifelong diet consisting of Roundup-containing genetically  modified corn suffered serious consequences.

While the onset of tumors was the  most obvious and damaging effect, the researchers reveal that the rats also  received heavy amounts of damage to multiple organs.

As a result of the mass tumors, liver and kidney damage, it was concluded  that around 50% of the males and 70% of the females died  prematurely as a result of eating only Roundup tolerant seed or  drinking water with Roundup as approved levels set by the United States  government. In comparison, only 30% of males and 20% of females died prematurely  while consuming traditional alternatives.

The San Francisco Chronicle rightly  states that the study ‘rocks the GMO debate’.  one of the first alternative news websites to report the study, explained just what this means for you and your family:

“This is the same corn that’s in your corn-based breakfast cereal, corn  tortillas and corn snack chips.”

The news comes just days after France decided to ban  the last remaining GMO currently allowed in Europe, Monsanto’s GM maize crop.

The study is now under assault by pro-GMO scientists and corporations despite being  labeled  “the most thorough research ever published into the  health effects of GM food crops and the herbicide Roundup on rats.”

It  also happens that this is actually the first study to examine the key aspect of  lifelong GMO consumption and its effects. You may be surprised to hear this, as  it seems logical that one would be done before GMOs were unleashed on  the public.


Click on this link to view the entire paper, including photographs of the test rat tumors and text.


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