The World According to Monsanto – GMO Documentary

This is a documentary was shown by eboyuk at YouTube, posted May 18, 2011, which runs 1 hour and 49 minutes and gives all of the information available at the time about Monsanto, the US company started as chemical manufacturing company in 1901 and grew into major producer of the chemicals.

The film tells the story of this giant firm that now manufactures agrochemicals, chiefly GMOs that produce just one years crop but leave no seeds that will germinate for the next year’s planting, and Roundup, champion killer of leaf-like weeds but leaves the grasses standing and vibrantly alive.  This makes Roundup useful for excluding weeds from crops such as corn and wheat.

Farmers typically switch to Monsanto GMOs when the company representatives convince them that the new seeds will produce much greated yields than the old seeds that they have been using for years.  Unfortunably, the Monsanto seeds generally fail to produce as promised when planted.

This means that farmers, used to saving a portion of seed that come out of this years crop and planting them the following year, are forced to buy all new seeds from Monsanto for the upcoming season.

For subsequent seasons the story continues on farms that have switched to Monsanto GMOs.  Either buy or die, that is either buy seeds for the next season or die, go out of business and leave the farmland.

Over the many years Monsanto has sold GMO single-season seeds to replace the replantable ones of farmers over the world, this activity has had substantial positive impact on the number of producers of one-season seeds and the number of farmers using them.

The Monsanto seeds are winning.  For Monsanto, this fortunate, for they now have leadership in this area and they soon could be unbeatable unless we take a action.

But for the farmer, the small and large business person, and the man of the street this is a bad omen. Not only is the number of vendors of seed reduced, which would place Monsanto as a sole-source supplier of nearly ever crop if the scenario were carried to its conclusion.  It also means that we must evaluate medical impact that GMO seeds will have on the public, since they would be the only ones available for trial.

In subsequent issue of this review of literature, we will discover that neither of these points is really not that important if we can get the research interests, the courts and the public into action.

Go to the this site to see the film.  It is 1 hour and 49 minutes long, and it is a gem.  Make sure you view all of it.


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