Globalists Plan to Nuke America Revealed — Joel Skousen

Alex Jones interviews Joel Skousen on the globalist plan to nuke America plus a wide range of other issues.

This videocast comes to you on, October 21, 2012.  It was broadcast on Saturday and is part of  Infowars’ and Alex’s Global Money Bomb.

Duration of the interview is 146 minutes minutes, very long for an interiew.  That makes sense, however, when one states that the interview covers much, much more that the globalist plan to nuke America.

Joel Skousen has been in the busiess of predicting world affairs changes for many years and is the author of the periodical, World Affair Brief.  Simultaneously, he runs Strategic Locations, which tells readers where to relocate and how to do it.  The intention of this journal is relocate families in the best part of the United States to avoid the effects of nuclear fall-out.

The purpose of this interview in to bring readers up the speed on world affair as America and the rest of the globe sinks deeper into depression.  It gives insight into the news produced on the major outlets.

These analyses show that the news carried by the usual sources have been tailored to meet the political needs of the White House and leaders in the affected nation.  The own interpretations, on the other hand, are on target and just make sense.

To hear and obtain the entire video-telecast of this program, place your mouse over this link and press down on the appropriate button.

It is again 146 minutes long and dynamite.  Make sure that you hear the whole program.



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