Obama’s Rep. Schultz Asked About the NDAA and Secret Kill Lists — Interview

Luke Rudkowski, WeAreChange.com, catches President Barach Obama’s, Representative Congresswoman Debbie Schultz, on videocam at the 2nd Annual Presidential Debates at Hofstra University.

Rudkowski asks her about Obama’s NDAA and Secret Kill list.  Her answers are contained at the link below.

Obama signed the NDAA, the National Defense Authorization Act, in December 31, 2011. It as been before a Federal judge and no significant change has been made by the White House.

One section of this act would authorize incarceration of any American person by the President or designate for the act of giving support to the enemy.  Duration of the incarceration would be until the end of hostilities with the enemy, which could be indefinite.  Presumably, the person could be executed during imprisonment

There would be no hearing before a judge and no trial.  This is simpy arrest, a decision to incarcerate or not by the President or designate, and into prison or freedom.

The Secret Kill List is the list of persons, foreign of domestic, American citizen or not, that are authorized to be killed in America or elsewhere by American personnel for crimes against the state.  There is no due process of law, no trial.  The President makes the final decision.

Obtain the video and report by placing you mouse on this link and pressing downward on the appropriate button.



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