Why Are We Still in Afghanistan?

This report was filed by Melissa Melton, Infowars.com, on October 20.  The subject is Why Are We Still in Afghanistan?


The war in Afghanistan, also known by the upbeat, patriotic moniker Operation Enduring Freedom, has officially been going on for over a decade now. Obama gave a speech back in 2009 declaring that our troops would begin to withdraw from Afghanistan before his presidential term was up, one more promise on the never ending list of them he has failed to keep. In 2010, the Afghan war overtook the Vietnam war to officially become the longest war in U.S. history. The government and its propaganda machine otherwise known as the mainstream media spent countless hours the following year apprising us of the fact that Osama bin Laden, the supposed architect of the 9/11 fable that was blamed for landing our troops in Afghanistan to begin with, was taken out (with zero proof). This is regardless of the fact that the CIA gave bin Laden a $3 billion investment which funded him and created his Al Qaeda terrorist network, and plans have surfaced confirming the war in Afghanistan was planned long before 9/11 even happened.

Earlier this year, the Obama camp quietly announced the War on Terror — something that has been used to murder our republic, take apart our constitution and repeatedly suck away our rights like a vacuum ever since George W. Bush declared it — is now officially over. The announcement was delivered with all the fervent emotion of someone half-asleep describing paint dry. Even as NATO claims they plan to begin planning to withdraw from Afghanistan, the Army recently announced they are deploying nearly 10,000 more troops to the country starting this fall and continuing through next spring.

The U.S. military death toll in Afghanistan officially reached 2,000 just last month. If the War on Terror has truly ended and Osama bin Laden is no more, the obvious question remains: Why are we still in Afghanistan?


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