Study Says Children With ADHD Like Taking Anti-psychotic Drugs

Donna Anderson of has run across a story that says kids with ADHD like taking those anti-psychotic drugs like Ritalin and Adderall.

In her article dated October 21, she says that Ilana Singh, working under a grant from the Welcome Charity Medical Trust at Kings College London, has found that children from a sampling 153 United States and British families prefer taking drugs when it comes to competing for classroom grades.

Among the students quoted for the report on this study, an eleven-year-old named Angie said, “With medication it’s not like you are a different person.  You’re still that same person, but you just act a little better.”

Read what Donna has to say about Angie and other students in the test group.  Move your mouse to this link and press the appropriate button on it.



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