National Guard Whistleblower: “Doomsday Preppers Will Be Treated As Terrorists”

Melissa Melton files this report with on October 25: National Guard Whistleblower: “Doomsday Preppers will be Treated as Terrorist”.

Attached to this report is an interview featuring Rob Dew, also of Infowars and associate of Melissa.  Rob has the whistleblower, an actual on-duty National Guardsman, on the phone with him.  The guardsman is at an undisclosed location.

In his video report, Rob and the national guardsman discuss what “Doomsday prepper will be treated like preppers” means, who will be involved, what this will mean to all of us.  This report contains a lot of the information.

The term prepper refers the people in the United States who are preparing for hostilities in this country, going to stores, buying storable food, guns and ammunition, toilet paper, and so on.

Some of these people are assuming that these hostilities will begin shortly and may last any length of time. They are the new preppers.  But for many people, presumably hundreds of thousands or millions of them, they have been at this prepping for long time, perhaps years, for long period of hostility.

These groups of people are not weird.   They know something is about to take place from what President Obama has said for years and what he does not say.  All is so hush-hush in Washington and for a long time too, years.  And the pressure is rapidly building now!  The people don’t know what is about to occur and they want to be prepared for whatever might occur. It just makes a lot of sense!

This is a very long, combined report.  But take the time to read and listen the combined report in detail.  This military action described is realIt is not fiction. 

For the combined report, click your mouse on this link and download.


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