Weather Control Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura: HAARP

It’s called HAARP, the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program Program, and it is the most secret, supposedly non-secret government project I know of, with the exception of chemtrails.

Many of you know of chemtrails, those dingy, white trails left behind by high flying, heavy aircraft with no tail numbers or identifying marks. The lengths of the chemtrails can run from horizon-to- horizon.

Unlike contrails, which are nearly always pure white and vanish within fifty to one-hundred plane lengths of the passenger jet emitting them, chemtrails persist. They expand slowly over a period of a few hours, until the clear blue sky that framed them has vanished, leaving a heavy, dingy white layer of thick cloud cover.  Chemtrails have taken over!

We know the composition of chemtrails.  But the question is who is spraying them and possibly the full reason why?  The answers were discussed in the video Why in the World are they Spraying, which was presented earlier today.  They will be covered further in upcoming reports.

For now, however, let us return to HAARP, Jesse Ventura, and the all-important subject of weather control.  With HAARP, how does the government fit or not-fit into the weather control situation?

Jesse has a voluminous biography in Wikipedia, so there is no reason to state it here in full.  Briefly, he is a former Navy SEAL, a former Governor of Minnesota, an actor, and the writer of over a half dozen books, essentially all of them in politics.  He is married, a first and only marriage, and he and his wife live in the spring and summer in Minnesota and the fall and winter in Mexico.

Jesse in very much alive and in the thick of politics, fiercely independent of political influence, a stinging critic of virtually all parties, and a believer in true liberty.  Accordingly, in late 2009, he signed a contract to do a series of three seasons of Jesse Ventura’s Conspiracy Theory.  He was ready to go!

The goal of the show is to investigate each phenomenon without any preferential bias to start with and let what develops naturally generate the conclusions, be they positive, negative and or just don’t know.

This show, which has eight separate episode covering different topics in each season, has a team of close-working, independent investigators.  The people on the team, hand-picked by Jesse, are well-know him.  They are sharp and fiercely dedicated to getting at the truth in any situation.

Season three of the show began in November this year.  The Weather Control, HAARP episode was shot in 2009, right after the contract was signed.

So take your shoes off, roll back in your chair, and get ready to see Weather Control Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura: HAARP.

You can see and hear this video by moving your mouse of this link and depressing the download button.



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