Dr. Ben Livingston : The Father Of Weaponized Weather

Ben Livingston, Dr. Ben Livington, lieutenant in the US Navy during the 1960’s through the 1980’s, was the first person to seed clouds with silver iodide for the purpose creating storms with heavy rainfall.

These storms aiding United States miltary operations in Vietnam and brought about final victory in the region.

Dr. Livingston, a meteorologist, aided in producing these decisive victories for United State in this theater of operations.  He was given a letter of commandation for his contribution the meteorology for his work by the Secretary of the Navy, Paul H. Nitze.

After the war, Ben ran and a hurricane and storm generation company, with storm-rigged airplanes.  The planes was capable of throwing the seed chemistry needed to generate the cloud growth suitable for creating massive rains showers and hurricanes even from small, isolated clouds incapable of producing showers.

In some areas of this country, rain showers and storms occur so infrequently at times that it is impossible to grow crops and make a living doing it.  For this reason, outfits like Ben Livingston’s storm makers are a valuable resource.

Ben is featured in this full length film produced by PrisonPlanet.com, Alex Jones’ news organization.  It is an interview of Dr. Livingston lasting 39 minutes.  Jones did the interview.

The show is amazing!  Make sure you alert your family and friends to it. If this was the result of 1970’s technology, what sort of result would one expect to find forty years later?

For example, should it have been possible to avert the terrible disasters of Hurricane Katrina in 2005 and the storm that very nearly wiped out the northeaster states just a few months ago?

And while I’m on the subject of steering and abating storms, what about HAARP, which I wrote about yesterday?  Could this have been used to at least decrease the terrible negative effects of these storms?

To see and hear Ben Livingston describe his triumphs and his technology in generating heavy rainfall and storms, put your mouse on this link.  Then depress the button for download.



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