Top Globalist Admits NWO is In Deep Trouble

Yesterday’s transmission of the report on globalist Zbigniew Brzezinski speech in Poland a few days ago and reported by Paul Joseph Watson has caused quite a stir.

Alex Jones of reports on that speech in this video.

It appears that the new world order in trouble for the reasons outlined by Brzezinski in his talk.

Briefly, the galloping rate of world communications, that is the web, email and video along with modes, has vastly increased the desire the peoples of the world to be free.

The want to be free to think what they want to think, do want they want to do, and be what they want to be.  People do not want to be encumbered by the eyes of a one-world government and the endless restrictions imposed by a new world order!

To learn more, go the site containing the report by moving your mouse over this link and depressing the download lever.



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