Video: All American Gun Owners To Be Registered Like Sex Offenders!

Alex Jones of reports on the plan for finally destroying America: registration of all firearms and owners. Then the confiscation of firearms — All of them!

This has been the ultimate plan of all dictators.  In the time of Caesar, around 100 B.C., it was sword.  In modern times, it was firearms seized by Hitler, Stalin, Mao and on and on.

At all times dictators demanded firearms to be registered.  Then they demanded that they be confiscated.

What’s next?  The firearms were confiscated.  Then what’s next?  Need I say?

Alex has brought three films to this report.  They each tell a different story about registration and confiscation and were filmed by him during past few days.  Watch them.

To download this report with the films, move your mouse over to this link.  Then press the lever on the mouse to download the report.



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