Under Eugenics, You are a ‘Human Resource’ Slave to the New World Order

On January 1st, Aaron Dykes of Infowars.com tackles the subject of eugenics, and the notion of being a human resource slave to the New World Order.


Under the eugenics world government system, individual human beings are literally considered to be “human resources” to be planned and manipulated under a planned economy with total control over your health care, employment, housing, food and reproduction… yet somehow government officials tell us that this is “freedom.”

In the 1984 sense of the matter, this kind of “freedom” really is slavery to a system where the State believes it is God.

This is coming to America in a number of ways, but certainly through Obamacare, where technocrats try to sell us on the argument of rationed health care, where cost-benefit analysis determine the value of individual human lives. Kurt Nimmo points this out in his article today, “Democrats Crank Up Death Panel Talk Following Obama Win.”


This is truncated version of this report.  To obtain the full copy, move your mouse over this link and depress the download lever on this mouse.



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