2nd Amendment Battle Rages on

David Ortiz on the Evening News of Infowars.com discusses some of the latest attempts by many states to legislate semi automatic weapons bans.

Also discussed is the U.S government’s non-military agencies ordering two billion hollow point rounds of ammunition in the past ten months.

This is an enormous increase in the numbers of rounds to be purchased  But more than that, these are hollow point rounds, ammunition never to be used in actual combat by soldiers.

In combat, treaties between nations specify that the ammunition be solid point, that is they shall never collapse upon entering a body.  Solid point ammunition produces little damage upon entering the body, so it can me extracted fairly easily.  Hollow point rounds produce horrendous damage to tissue.

Therefore, it is obvious that these rounds will be used for combat that is not covered by the rules soldiers must obey. The rounds are for killing.  And, furthermore, they will not be used target practice or for qualification, which always uses solid point ammunition.

All right, the date of this newscast is February 19, 2013, and you are there!
Something strange is going on. Federal non-military agencies have bought two billion rounds of ammunition in the last 10 months. The Obama Administration says that federal law enforcement agents need the ammunition for “mandatory quarterly firearms qualifications and other training sessions.”
Get your copy of this on-air report by David Ortiz by first placing your mouse of this link.  The depress the lever on the mouse to obtain a transfer.



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