McCain Gets Behind Senate Attack On Second Amendment

Kurt Nimmo,, reports on Senator John McCain getting behind a Senate attack on the Second Amendment.

Republican Arizona Senator John McCain will work with Senate Democrats on legislation to expand background checks for private sales of firearms between individuals.

“We’ve had discussions about the issue,” McCain told The Hill. He declined to provide details.

New York City’s Mayor Bloomberginterviewed on televison news, said NRA power “is lost” despite the fact that the organization in working with the Democrats to pass the legislation.

Democrats recently sidelined Oklahoma Senator Tom Coburn, who is an advocate of the Second Amendment, and are now working with McCain and Republicans Susan Collins of Maine and Dean Heller of Nevada to implement gun registration in the United States, a precursor to confiscation.

Illinois Republican Senator Mark Kirk will likely support the expanded background check legislation negotiated with two key Senate Democrats, the notorious gun-grabber Charles Schumer of New York and Joe Manchin of West Virginia.

“Sen. Kirk remains largely supportive of the background check proposal so far negotiated between he and Sens. Manchin and Schumer, and he will continue negotiating for language to protect veterans’ Second Amendment rights,” said Lance Trover, Kirk’s spokesman.

Manchin is described as a moderate Democrat. The NRA portrays him as a defender of the Second Amendment and has given him an “A” rating. “Joe Manchin is committed to protecting the Right to Keep and Bear Arms guaranteed to all Americans,” NRA Chairman Chris Cox said in October.

“I don’t know anyone who in the hunting or sporting arena that goes out with an assault rifle,” Manchin told Morning Joe in December. “I don’t know anybody that needs 30 rounds in the clip to go hunting. I mean, these are things that need to be talked about.”

Arguments presented by Democrats have consistently portrayed the Second Amendment as a hunting and self-defense right. The founders, however, insisted the Second Amendment was included in the Bill of Rights so that citizens might be sufficiently armed to resist tyranny.

A Senate aide to Susan Collins said she has discussed the legislation with Democrats. Dean Heller said he is “open-minded about expanding background checks,” according to The Hill, and has some of the same reservations as Coburn.

“Coburn and I share that concern only because you have to keep those records from 15 to 20 years and even proponents of the legislation say they would subject law-abiding citizens to stings by the ATF,” the Nevada Republican said.

McCain is considered key because he has a “B-plus” NRA rating. Heller has an “A” rating and Collins a “C-plus” rating. Kirk has failed the NRA litmus test and is considered a threat to the Second Amendment and the gun rights of Americans.

Senate Majority leader Harry Reid, a Nevada Democrat, will introduce bipartisan “gun violence” legislation on the Senate floor in April. It is uncertain if the bill will get the 60 votes required to beat a filibuster.

New York Michael Bloomberg, who has spent millions of his own money to undermine the Second Amendment, has praised Reid’s work in the Senate.

“I applaud Senator Reid for sending a bill to the Senate floor that includes comprehensive, enforceable background checks – and for emphasizing that to be effective, any bill that passes the Senate must include background checks,” said Bloomberg. “This sensible reform – with overwhelming support from Americans, including gun owners – will save lives and keep our communities safer.”

Kurt Nimmo
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