World War Z Trailer: Martial Law Conditioning

Alex Jones,, presents the World War Z trailer and discusses it as  true martial law conditioning meant for the public, for us!

Yes, it is meant to condition us for World War Z, the bedlam that will occur if the globalists, the world elite, get to have there way!

Watch and listen very carefully. This trailer was designed to condition us!
During the first few seconds of the latest World War Z trailer, a young girl asks, “Daddy, what’s martial law?” as it is announced on a TV in the background.  (Click here to see the first video).

Once again it’s proven that Alex Jones can read the globalists like an open book, explaining the movie’s true intention months in advance as a propaganda vehicle to push a tyrannical one-world dictatorship hiding behind a U.N. mask.  (Click here to see the second video).

After reading the book, Alex and his staff put together a video breaking down the classic modes of propaganda used in the story to acclimate large audiences on the proper way to move themselves into the system in case of a bio attack.

Get your copy of this report by first moving your mouse of this link.  Then depress the lever on the mouse that produces the transfer.  And please pass this on to your family and friends — It’s important!



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