Californians Sign Petition For Nazi Takeover

Mark Dice, an independent, on-the-street, opinion surveyor and John Bounds of went out on California’s thoroughfares to question the man-on-the-street if they would favor a German style, Nazi takeover together with confiscation of all guns except those carried by military personnel and the police.

Their intention was to masquerade as legitimate poll takers and determine if the people that they spoke to would actually favor an Orwellian police state.

With this arrangement, Americans would be put at a disadvantageous position of having no firearms to protect their lives and property from the crooks, while the on-the-street thugs and government and city gun keepers will have kept theirs and used them to control the population.

The results were astounding!  Join Mark Dice and John Bounds as they interview average Americans on the streets in California.
Just as we got Austinites to sign a petition to ban water. Infowars and Mark Dice teamed up to ask Californians to sign up for a Nazi Takeover, Door to Door Gun Confiscation, Add More Police Powers etc. Watch and be amazed.

Mark Dice and John Bounds

Download this report by first bringing your mouse to this link.  Then depress the lever on the mouse until the transfer starts.

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