Alternative media forcing real issues into national news coverage

It’s about time someone wrote about that growing trend in  America of actually paying attention to the alternative news media.  There are already bunchs of people that have caught on, and that group is growing rapidly!

It is time to give the alternative media its recognition in waking up the public to the seemingly endless prattle of the national media, the evening news show on cable and TV, that implies the government can do no wrong.

It is false.  Government can do wrong, it does do wrong, and knows it does it!

Believe it or not, the people have the intelligence to make clear distinction of what it truth and what is fiction.  The problem is that they have not been aware that national news is the real problem.  National news is saying, without saying so, that this the government news, now believe it!

Alex Jones with this, Joe Farah with his and a handfuls of other alternative new media outfits have started to break the spell of that national news media.  This is alternative media at it finest.

The real stories of government tryanny and coverups and the people losing their freedom a breathtaking speed are carried by the alternate media accurately and thoroughly.  This is the news, the real news.

The latest, and most evident break in the old news pattern has happen with Rachel Maddow, the sarcastic maiden of the right, whose attacks on of late have sounded something like, “Hey, your are so silly.  With your black helicopter and storm makers…All foolishness…Don’t listen…They don’t exist”

Well, it is you, Rachel, who are living in the past or wish to believe that that your listeners actually accept that what promote is actual fact.  Black helicopters, man made tornadoes and hurricanes and the whole raft of phenomena you say are fictions of the mind have been with us the decards.  Listeners know this now due to alternative news stories, all documented, and snicker and simple turn you off.  Wake up!

Here is Jeffrey Phelps with the story.

It used to be so easy for the national media to pretend government conspiracies, in large part, didn’t exist. Even when the vast amount of high-level conspiracies, that have occurred throughout the years, played out in front of news audiences in the US, on a routine bases, skilled teleprompter programmers and those who read the teleprompters in front of the public, like Rachel Maddow, or her (alleged opposite) counterpart Bill O’Reilly and their predecessors, were somehow able to fool the masses into believing they were all generally anomalies that almost never occurred, or didn’t occur at all.

The same way Americans in the early 1900s would have never expected the government to give private banking families control over the US economy and allow them to slowly steal all the wealth through the implementation of the Fed and the dollar, is the same way they would have never imagined the government would have had prior knowledge, yet still allow the attack on Pearl Harbor to occur, or pull off a false flag attack in the Gulf of Tonkin, as excuses for war.

People in the US have, in large part, long suffered from the “it can’t happen here” syndrome, largely thanks to newscasters and those who read the copy, which has allowed people in positions of authority to get away with far more than they ever should have throughout the years.

Prior to the age of the widespread internet, that even some of the poorest in America and around the world now have regular access to, it was much easier to make the public at large assume, through careful use of language and the way in which the news was structured, politicians and the types of individuals seeking power were generally the types of people one could trust, even with the most sensitive aspects of the constitution and the rule of law.

Despite the obvious historical reality individuals seeking power regularly prove to be the type of people that cannot be trusted with the vast power they assume in government, one of the most important and regularly stated warnings given by the founders and for obvious reasons, the national media has turned out to be a weapon of disinformation for the establishment and the power elite and acts as though the vast majority of the power-hungry are almost infallible and generally free of the need for constant scrutiny. When the opposite is glaringly true.

As time keeps ticking into the future and more people start seeking alternatives to what used to be relatively very few sources for news and information, such as the alternative media’s top-ranked “The Alex Jones Show,” proving again necessity is the mother of invention, people are beginning to realize there are views, growing increasingly credible, that are in stark contrast to those portrayed as accurate on establishment and corporate controlled media, on either side of the always pro-establishment “two” party ideology.

As those so-called alternative sources continue to steal ratings and trust away from the corporate (dinosaur) media, threatening the stranglehold of information control they’ve had for many decades, rather than merely pretending alternative views don’t exist or are lacking in credibility, those very teleprompter readers have been forced to more regularly voice the issues and topics their programmers would much rather ignore, in large part due to a fear of losing credibility and viewership altogether.

One of the best examples of just how desperate the establishment media has become, in attempting to discredit the rising alternative media, is not only the constant use of the term conspiracy “theory” to describe the alternative media’s views, regardless of the accuracy of those views, but just how often alternative views have been forced into the national spotlight as a result. Within that paradigm, there is perhaps no better example than MSNBC’s “The Rachel Maddow Show.”

Over the past couple years, Maddow’s producers and programmers, although not exclusive to MSNBC or Rachel’s Show, have been doing everything they can to attempt regaining some of that lost viewership and ratings decline, by ironically trying to discredit the alternative views they’re being forced to cover.

More recently, Maddow’s attention has turned toward The Alex Jones Show, rather than directing that scrutiny toward a current administration that is much more worthy of that type of attention… In much the same way she gave past-due attention to the lies told by the Bush administration, during the run-up to the War on Terror, with her recent documentary “Hubris: Selling the Iraq War.” (Another actual conspiracy.)

But of course, none of that type of investigative “journalism” would ever be needed for a “progressive” Obama administration, as far as Maddow, or anyone else on MSNBC is concerned. The overarching assertion is, that would be ridiculous to assume… Why even bother? The very same way FOX News acted while the Bush administration was in office and thus the cycle continues.

Once serious questions about the validity of the official Aurora theater shooting narrative turned into just as serious questions about the official Sandy Hook school shooting narrative in the alternative media, both turning out to possess all the classical signs of being false flag terrorism ops for political purposes, complete with a growing portion of the public turning toward a much more credible alternative media for the information you can’t get on liberal entertainment outlets like MSNBC, the folks there must have realized they had no other choice but to engage in an info-war with the alternative media, they were likely hoping they would never have to fight.

But it was after the Boston Marathon bombing when things really started to heat up for Maddow’s producers. Once one of Alex’s reporters made national headlines, after blowing up multiple post-bombing press conferences, with questions officials were hoping never got asked on national TV, such as whether or not the bombing was “a staged, false flag operation to trick the American people into giving up even more of their liberties” than they already have, Alex’s web traffic spiked to all-time highs… As did the internet search query “false flag,” prompting another Maddow rant that is still used as a heroic liberal talking point on the internet, despite the question’s actual validity.

All that may pale in comparison however to this week’s Maddow rant, after Alex’s take on the possibility Monday’s Oklahoma tornado, tearing apart a large portion of Moore, OK and killing at least 24 people, may have also been the work of a rogue government operation, timed to distract attention away from the growing scandals rocking the Obama administration and threatening his public reputation. A distraction even the mainstream press admitted welcoming.

The problem here, at least for Maddow, her teleprompter programmers and ultimately her viewers, is how they twisted and distorted what Alex actually said, in order for the statements made on her show to sound legitimate and attempt to do the most possible damage to Alex’s growing reputation, while doing everything they can to avoid the issue at hand.

Rather than digging into why Alex would make such accusations, or if this type of weather manipulation was even possible, in the same way “Maddow” dug into the War on Terror lies told by the Neocons (as if she actually made the documentary herself), Maddow’s show instead engaged in the kind of child-like personal character attacks, typically seen on shows like hers, when the national news industry embarks on a mission to distract viewers’ attention from why these well-researched assertions, referred to as conspiracy “theories,” are being made in the first place.

Despite the knowledge weather modification and manipulation programs (PDF) have existed for decades, and growing more technologically advanced with every passing year, her teleprompter programmers decided to treat their waning audience like a class of grade-schoolers, unworthy of being afforded the respect of an intelligent debate. The reason for that is, the very same reason she’s even talking about Jones and the alternative media in the first place, they have no choice.

But therein lies the irony of the circumstances. As they continue treating their audience like a bunch of morons, while being forced to cover the alternative media and the issues they would much rather ignore, she and others like her continue alienating and disenfranchising their viewers, as evidenced in the comments sections of the articles that once housed almost nothing but praise for her own brand of hubris.

If, in fact, people like Alex Jones and Rand Paul are actually doing damage to the GOP, as her teleprompter programmers forced her to say during the show’s most recent Alex Jones conspiracy related episode segment, why then would she even bother to cover it? Wouldn’t that be something she and her “progressive” constituency would have been praying for all along, alleged “nut-jobs” ultimately ruining the Republican Party? Does anyone else find it particularly odd, or revealing, she would be begging conservatives and republicans in Washington to stop listening to the alternative media and people like Alex Jones?

Maybe the better question asked is whether or not it’s time to stop tuning in and listening to people like Rachel Maddow, altogether.

Additional Info:

Google: “weather modification programs”

Secretary of Defense William S. Cohen (1997): “Others are engaging even in an eco- type of terrorism whereby they can alter the climate, set off earthquakes, volcanoes remotely through the use of electromagnetic waves. So there are plenty of ingenious minds out there that are at work finding ways in which they can wreak terror upon other nations. It’s real, and that’s the reason why we have to intensify our efforts, and that’s why this is so important.”

1978 Convention Treaty on the Prohibition of Military or Any Other Hostile Use of Environmental Modification Techniques

Al Gore admits “chemtrails” are used as a form of “preventing global warming.”

theguardian: Bill Gates backs climate scientists lobbying for large-scale geoengineering

AmericanDream: Solid Proof That Weather Modification Projects Are Being Conducted All Over the United States

(YouTube) RE: Rachel Maddow DENIES Weather Modification = Serious Misinformation

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