Government Orders Midwives to Spy on ‘Racist’ Parents

Paul Joseph Watson, London editor for the stateside, alternative news and information website, reports that the Scottish government has ordered midwives to spy on new parents, looking for moms and dads that oppose “politically correct” or “non-racist” opinions held by the trained snoops.

Those parents who fail to pass muster could have their babies siezed by the state.

Paul Joseph Watson has the story.
The Scottish government has ordered midwives in hospitals to spy on potentially racist parents as part of an Orwellian program that will also encourage children to report their parents to social workers by giving them a rating out of ten.

“The project is part of the sinister Big Brother-style system of state meddling called Getting It Right For Every Child (GIRFEC) which is being quietly rolled out across Scotland,” reports the Express.

Parents are “being secretly judged on their views on race and diversity” by maternity staff to assess their suitability for bringing up their child. If alarm bells are raised, a further investigation asks if the parents “respect and value diversity” and give “due prominence to their racial, ethnic and cultural heritage”.

In other words, if parents express opinions that are deemed politically incorrect or racist by government-trained snoops, they could have their baby seized by the state.

The program prompts reminders of a case last year which caused outrage when three children were removed from the foster care of a couple by Rotherham Borough Council due to fears over the foster parent’s support for UKIP, which is a political party that opposes uncontrolled immigration into the UK.

Another aspect of the GIRFEC program asks children to fill out a questionnaire which asks them to give their parents a score of 1-10 in a number of different areas, literally forcing kids to become informants against their parents in true 1984 style. Questions include, “do you have someone who listens seriously to your opinions and ideas and anything you have to say?”.

“Asking nursery aged children for their ‘official’ views on their parents is a disaster waiting to happen,” said Emma Carr, deputy director of Big Brother Watch. “What happens when children don’t receive the toy that they wanted for Christmas? Public authorities should think about what it is they are trying to achieve, rather than sending out intrusive forms to young children and attempting to create creating a generation of sandbox snoopers.”

As we reported earlier this week, under the same program every child in Scotland is set to be assigned a “state guardian” from birth that would be responsible for keeping track of the child’s well-being under the pretext of preventing “child abuse,” handing the government a green light to spy on every family in the country.

The proposal is part of the Children and Young People Bill and would ensure that intimate personal details about every child ”can be recorded, stored and shared on a central database,” which would then be accessible to teachers, state social workers and other officials at the “click of a button”.

Sociology and criminology professor Stuart Walton warns that definitions of “child abuse” could eventually be expanded to include the contents of a child’s school lunch box or a re-definition of “bullying” that extends to parents shouting at their children.

The most shocking aspect of this entire program is that it is already being introduced across the country despite the fact that the Children and Young People bill hasn’t even been passed in the Scottish Parliament.

The idea of having state snoops judge parents’ suitability to bring up a child based on their political opinions is a dystopian nightmare and has no place in a supposedly free country. The program could also be a violation under the European Convention on Human Rights “which gives everybody the right to a private and family life, free from state interference.”

Only in dictatorial regimes like Maoist China, Stalinist Russia, modern day North Korea, or Ceausescu’s Romania, under whom 15 per cent of all informants were children, should this kind of program even exist.

Paul Joseph Watson

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