Trends in The House — Alex Jones with Gerald Celente!

Alex Jones interviews the great Gerald Celente!  You’ll really enjoy this interview!

Alex is producing a new set of films.  Gerald is in one them, and he is in the studio in Austin, Texas with Alex awaiting shooting part of the film later in the day.

This is just a short, 20 minute segment of the interview.

Gerald smiles warmly and genuinely and complements Alex on the high quality,  professional studios Jones has to work with and the great professionism of the staff.

Alex and Gerald have known each of for many years, and Celente has been a guest on Jones’ show by Skype video phone for an equal number of years.  This is the first time Gerald has visited Austin.

Alex’s show and the studios have been eighteen years in the making.  The latest version of the studio set-up has been designed to go full-out against the new world order, the globalist, and to win the battle, says Alex.

Eighteen years ago, Alex had one, then two working partners, no studio, and was out to grow bigger.  Now he has approximately fifty staff members, including reporters, writers, cameramen and office personnel.  The telecasting studios and working area are all located in one building in the business section of downtown Austin.

Gerald is based in Kingston, New York and has been there for almost thirty-two years. He publishes monthly magazine that predicts future trends in money matters and political scene.  It is highly respected and very accurate.

It’s title is The Trends Journal and his website is here.  Because of it, him and his award winning staff, Gerald Celente is very well respected and much appreciated.

Now, sit back and enjoy Alex and Gerald   Click on this link for Alex and Gerald!

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