Demand For Gas Masks in Israel Soars as Syria Attack Nears

Masses are flocking to the post offices in Israel to get their gas masks in preparation for the attacks they feel sure to come from its northern neighbor once western air power bombing starts in Syria.

Requests for gas masks and chemical protection kits  have quadrupled over those on any regular Sunday, according to the Israel Post Office.

In addition, neighborhood bomb shelters and other safe areas are being readied as anticipations of air attacks and thoughts that cruise missiles will be launched an Syria.

Paul Joseph Watson, in London, has the story.
Demand for gas masks in Israel is soaring in anticipation of western air strikes on Syria that could heighten the chances of Israel coming under chemical weapons attack from its northern neighbor.

Reports of “hordes” of Israelis flocking to post offices, which are responsible for distributing the gas masks and chemical protection kits, have emerged in recent days.

“According to the Israel Post Office, requests for kits were quadruple those of a regular Sunday,” reports Israeli National News.

Neighborhood bomb shelters and other “safe rooms” are also being prepared as tensions escalate, with many predicting that cruise missile attacks will be launched on Syria at some point this week.

Meanwhile, UN chemical weapons inspectors in Syria have come under attack from snipers, forcing them to temporarily suspend their work.

Syrian state TV blamed the attack, during which a UN vehicle was deliberately shot at multiple times, on rebels in the area. FSA militants have previously kidnapped UN troops in the Golan Heights.

The UN workers returned to the inspection area after replacing the vehicle. Videos posted on YouTube show rebel fighters operating sniper guns via remote control.

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