Video: Russell Brand Blasts Syrian War Disinformation

Russell Brand, prominent English comedian, actor  and author, is making waves in the press as well as on YouTube blasting Syrian war information, calling attention to these actors and their rediculus scripts.

Born in England in 1975, he was from the very beginning a keen observer on the ruminations of political figures and made some telling observation of their strange behaviors.

Anthony Gucciardi, reporting for Story Leak, carrys this story.
After his MSNBC appearance challenging the talking heads of mainstream media generated millions of views on YouTube in a display of just how much the public craves real information, Russell Brand is now back on air exposing the situation in Syria and the appalling mindlessness of the mainstream media propaganda. 

Here is the recorded interview of Brand by Alex Jones.

Appearing in an interview with Alex Jones that filmed today, Russell brings further credibility to the power of the alternatives news and the collapse of the mega media. In fact, Russell’s breakdown of just how distorted the media reporting on the events in Syria are coincides exactly with what I have been reporting on for a number of weeks now. Ultimately, this is a display of just how much of a difference we are making in the alternative news, and more importantly how many millions we can reach by continuing to push out the truth amid the volley of disinformation coming from the media.

Top Officials: Alt News Destroying Syria War Machine

We are continually making major strides in the informational battle against skewed news, and this fact is now even being admitted by the very high level officials who seek to send us into Syria-style scenarios that could very well initiate World War 3. One such powerful admission I was extremely pleased to hear about and bring to you was the admission by top Obama adviser and Trilateral Commission co-founder Zbigniew Brzezinski that it was actually the ‘global political awakening’ that was putting a wrench in the Syria war machine.

In other words, elite control freaks like Brzezinski know that we aren’t listening to their warmongering propaganda anymore, and instead are craving the truth on all fronts. It’s the public craving for the truth that is halting their entire plan to launch the United States and other nations internationally into a hot war with Syria — one that, despite the information being out there, virtually no one realizes is essentially a major combat scenario with Russia through Assad.

Today’s Russell Brand interview truly highlights the effectiveness of not only alternative news juggernauts like Infowars, Drudge Report, and Storyleak, but the overall power of the entire movement as a whole.

Anthony Gucciardi
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