Larry Pratt to Bashir: ‘Do You Have Any Remorse’ for Those Killed in ‘Your Gun-Free Zones?’

In a one-to-two, on-air debate on MSNBC over whether it would have made sense to have the US Navy Yard in Washington, D.C., a one-man slaughter scene that hit the news last week, a gun-rich zone instead being gun-free, Larry Pratt, of Executive Director Gun Owners of America, asked Martin Bashir, British host of the show, if he had any remorse for those that had been killed at the yard.

Understandably, Bashir, a strong foe of the people ever being armed to prevent the murderous outcomes that occurred at the yard and numerous places he had mention earlier in this on-air session, ignored the question.

Instead, Bashir went on to attack Pratt for saying that guns to the hands of people who would use them to prevent shooting tragedies by taking down the killers before they had the opportunity to fired their weapons.

Bashir, aided by Julian Epstein, a second guest on the show, a Democratic strategist and anti-gun adocate, spouted a seemingly unending mouthful of statistics that supposidly showed that guns in the hands of the people in these situations was untenable, guaranteed to assure failure. files the story.
Executive Director of Gun Owners of America, Larry Pratt asks MSNBC’s Martin Bashir “Do you have any remorse for those that were killed in your gun-free zone? “Do you have any remorse for the parents and the family who are suffering and the grief they are going through?”
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