Pre-Crime: TSA Now Spies On You 24/7 Even Before You Fly

If TSA has anything to say about it, you will be passed and not passed for an airlines flight even before you hop into the family car for travel to the airport’

The process TSA and other intelligence organization will use modern digital technology to pick up what is known as pre-crime inspection data.

It does stretch the imagation how they will hook to an x-ray examination device to search you for a pistol and or for a bag of explosives and do it without your knowledge and do it while you still at home about the leave for the airport.

Or so it seems, but here is a clue.  The new invasive ability involves streams of data that can be lifted in the home, second by second, using your simple electronics equipment and devices, like your dishwasher, a DVD or a movie camera.

You believe these device are under your control.  You purchased the equipment and it is yours.

You did purchase devices, but the devices are not under your control and you do not know that!

The devices may be turned on, and they can record sight and sounds of your household 24/7.  But they are controlled by people you don’t even know and are not in your home. They are miles away, sitting with scores of this people all intently monitoring computer screens.

You think the devices are off when they are off.  In reality, they are never off.

You have been had.  The equipment is controlled by TSA or whomever they have assigned or to whomever TSA or other organizations have assigned the task.

You don’t even know who those organizations are or are claiming to be!

This is modern digital electronics technology.  Live with it!

Anthony, has the story!
The Draconian groping measures instituted by the TSA inside United States airports is about to be trumped by an even greater spy assault on our rights outside of the airport. In fact, the TSA’s latest siege against the Bill of Rights involves the 24/7 tracking of citizens even before they enter the airport.

tsa-monitoringUnder a new ‘security measure’ that the TSA has magically decided it has the authority to enact, it is ‘expanding its screening of passengers’ to include the systematic use of private and government databases in order to obtain more information on passengers. What that means is that the TSA can now access your car registration information, your employment information, and much more.

This means that TSA ‘agents’ with two weeks of training, the same ‘agents’ who we continually see arrested for perverted acts like the harboring of child porn, can now spy on you to even greater depths.

But don’t worry, the TSA says that they’re only spying on you to help keep you safe. It’s all about ‘security’. But even the mainstream media is being forced to call out the TSA lies thanks to the alternative news acting as a wrecking ball to the entire fairy tale that is the TSA. The New York Times reads:

“While the agency says that the goal is to streamline the security procedures for millions of passengers who pose no risk, the new measures give the government greater authority to use travelers’ data for domestic airport screenings. Previously that level of scrutiny applied only to individuals entering the United States.”

The fact of the matter is that unless we keep these blood sucking agencies like the TSA and DHS in check, they will continue to burn the Constitution and act against our best interests. We’ve already seen the establishment of Constitution-free zones, free speech zones, and other blatant attacks against the Constitution. If we fail to say ‘enough is enough’ to these vampiric entities, they will only continue to push their Big Daddy government agenda into our daily lives.

Anthony Gucciardi
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