Food Bank CEO Suggests Welfare Cuts May Spark Riots

It’s worthwhile at this time to pay attention to Margarette Purvis, president and CEO of the Food Bank of New York City, who said that the expiration of “stimulus funds” will have an immediate impact on the status of wellfare recipients and produce riots.

Purvis told the termination of these funds will cause the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program to be reduced by $5 billion dollars.  This  change will create the conditions necessary for civil unrest in New York.

Nationwide cuts in benefits will remove 76 million plates of food from poverty sticken New Yorkers alone, an enormous reduction in the eating habits of this segment of the population.

Paul Joseph Watson has the report.
The CEO of the largest food bank in America has suggested that planned cuts in food stamp benefits set to take effect on Friday could spark riots.

Margarette Purvis, the president and CEO of the Food Bank for New York City, told that the expiration of stimulus funds, which will see the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program reduced by $5 billion dollars, will have an “immediate impact” and represent a recipe for civil unrest.

“If you look across the world, riots always begin typically the same way: when people cannot afford to eat food,” said Purvis, adding that families face the “daunting” prospect of losing a whole week’s worth of food every month.

The nationwide cut will take 76 million meals off the table of poverty-stricken New Yorkers alone, equating to about 16 meals a month for a family of three. The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities has labeled the cut to the SNAP program “unprecedented” in “depth and breadth.”

As we previously highlighted, even the mainstream media is invoking the threat of riots that could ensue as a result of the food stamp cut, with Fox News’ Neil Cavuto linking the issue to the Department of Homeland Security’s recent $80 million dollar outlay on armed guards to protect government buildings in upstate New York.

“November 1st could be a very very iffy kind of a day….this could be all hell breaks loose day,” warned Cavuto.

His concerns are not without foundation given that a glitch in the system which temporarily halted EBT purchases for just a few hours earlier this month led to looting and mini-riots at several Walmart stores.

Reacting to the downtime, food stamp recipients warned that if the glitch was to re-occur it would lead to Rodney King-style riots, a reference to the 1992 L.A. riots which resulted in 53 deaths, 2,000 injuries and over $1 billion dollars in property damages.

Paul Joseph Watson
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