The Moral Decline of America

Paul Joseph Watson,’s correspondent in London, talks with David Knight on the Evening News program at the network’s home base in Austin, Texas, about the moral decline in American from the viewpoint of a European listening audience.

David asks of Paul Watson in a lighthearted way whether the American tradition of two-day insane period of Thanksgiving followed by the nutty behavior of the crowds going a mad-buy binges of Friday has any equivalent across the pond.

Paul responds, adding a smile, that the binge period is gradually arriving is Britain but is not as wild and exhuberant as in America.

The staff goes on.
Paul Joseph Watson gives a British perspective on black Friday and how it is slowly infiltrating shopping habits across the pond.  A video captures the interview.
Download this report by first moving your mouse over this link.  Then depress the button on the mouse that starts the transfer of data.

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