Amid Censorship, Google Prominently Displays Christmas Tree to Millions

As you’ll see when you check out the sketch that accompanies the blog, there is a Chrismas tree lit op brightly in the lower right-hand corner of the shot.  It’s Google’s card!

It’ll be seen by millions who follow this blog,, and anywhere else the Christ car apprears, thanks to Google!

Now doesn’t the appearance of the Christmas tree, hidden the way it is, put out by Google, tell you something?

I often find that the little games played by the otherside have the smack of things that would be done by six or seven year olds.  Kind of a come-up-ance directed at good old Mom and Dad.

Something they (Mom and Day) just not would approve of…but, eh…”It’s just the kids, just a joke, tucking in the Chrismas tree in the corner”, say Mom and Dad.

It’s joke, all right.  Think about it!

Anthony Gucciardi of the team tells a bit about the Christmas tree you may not have thought of before.
As the establishment cracks down on Christmas, Google displays iconic tree to hundreds of millions.

From the establishment’s erosion of the very word ‘Christmas’, to the mass wave of censorship that is now suffocating free speech across the web surrounding the slightest mention of Christmas-related material — there is a complete attack on our fundamental right to even say that today is Christmas. And that’s why, amid all of this censorship and hysteria from the dinosaur establishment, it is amazing to see Google’s homepage proudly display a Christmas tree to hundreds of millions worldwide.

A move that, despite being completely devoid of any controversy to a logical mind when considering that is is in fact Christmas, has no doubt enraged those within the establishment who seek to abolish the very existence of the holiday.

This is also a move by Google that comes on the same day that a prominent VA hospital refused to accept Christmas cards for patients that contained the ‘controversial’ words reading ‘merry Christmas’. The same day that so-called ‘atheists’ (many atheists do not worship the establishment’s politically correct agenda) vulgarly attacked Christians and the very existence of nativity scenes. But above all else, this is the day that an Infowars report that utilized a clip from the iconic It’s A Wonderful Life film was censored by a third party using false copyright claims over the classic film that has been posted in tens of thousands of videos without issue.

And the list goes on. The reality is clear: the establishment is doing its very best to squash any mention of Christmas, let alone the mention of Jesus Christ. Only in an Orwellian society do we deny that a certain day of the year even exists as to not ‘offend’ anyone.

Will Google now be a target of the ‘politically correct’ establishment for daring to display a Christmas tree?

Anthony Gucciardi
Download this report by first moving your mouse over this link.  Then depress the button on the mouse until the transfer starts.

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