DNC sends email defending Obama from impeachment possibility

In the desperate attempt to deflect criticism from Obama’s leading the nation to ruin though the imposition of programs that totally crush American liberty through law generated in Congress and by Exective Order, apparent outright misrepresentation of facts in his failing medical care plan that among other faults has caused millions of people to lose the current coverages, the seeming bypass and ignoring of the facts surrounding the slaughter of troops in Benghazi and numberous cases of gross mishanding of U.S. military affairs in the Middle East, the ignoring federal court orders to cease and desist in the murder of citizens in this country without arrest and trial, and the use of drones to kill suspected enemies and up to five times the number of innocent persons in not-at-war nations, Democratic National Committee (DNC) has sent an urgent email message to party members defending him from impeachment.

Patrick Howley of the Daily Caller has the story.
Download this report by first moving your mouse over this link.  Then depress the button on the mouse that starts the transfer of data.

More Vital News

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In coming years, the approach will make possible a new generation of artificial intelligence systems that will perform some functions that humans do with ease: see, speak, listen, navigate, manipulate and control.   New!

Video: Target Credit Card Mass Identity Theft    Alex Jones visits a Target, Inc. store to buy dishwasher detergent.  The clerk, who knows him and is very friendly, offers him one of the new Target credit cards.  She does this three times just to make sure that when he says No! he means No!

Why, he wonders, does she do this kind of sale!  Then answer comes — She wants to get him into the system, for once he is in the computer he can tracked essentially for ever.

When Microsoft gets the new keyboards in next year and he has one in his home, he will be requested to press his thumb against a pad mounted next to his computer for dishwasher detergent and the purchase will be automatically completed.  He will never have to leave home in order to be identified and have his purchase confirmed.  The package will be delivered to him by postal mail.  Gotcha!      New!

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