Saxo Bank CEO Warns of Collapse Into “Totalitarian” Society

A totalitarian society is on its way due to excess government regulation and taxation, and it is causing economic storm waves that will wreck the present, essentially capitalist, free enterprise system, according to Lars Seier Christensen, Saxo Bank CEO. .

Under constant attack by the elites is the economy and peoples’ personal lives.  The elites find the peoples’ present state inconsistent with the goal of total centralization of power.

The  elites’ reason to fully centralize now and have the aid of the government in all aspects of business is given Ayn Rand’s book, Atlas Shrugged.  Christensen states that corporate fascism, the “business people using government favours in return for giving up their independence” is a warning of the future in Rand’s book but it already coming  to pass in our lifetime.

Paul Joseph, has the story.
Saxo Bank CEO Lars Seier Christensen warns that excessive government regulation, overtaxation and a coming economic collapse are all setting the stage for a slide into an overtly “totalitarian” society.

In a blog post entitled, What is the broader relevance of Ayn Rand for society?, Christensen adeptly describes how the predictions of the author, most famous for her 1957 dystopian classic Atlas Shrugged, are now coming to pass.

The Saxo Bank CEO argues that free market capitalism and freedom in general is under constant attack by elites whose constant intrusions into the economy and people’s personal lives are predicated around the need to justify more centralization of power.

“First, the politicians assign ever greater powers to themselves, as they manage to convince the citizens of the need for even more interference, although the problems are created by interference in the first place,” writes Christensen, citing the European Union as an example of how, “one mistake invariably leads to call for even more powers, leading to new mistakes.”

The deliberate effort on the part of the political class to undermine and restrict freedom and free market capitalism prevents the system from working efficiently, “meaning that the underlying strength of human ingenuity and creativity is stopped from working and becomes increasingly powerless to pull us out of the morass we are in,” writes Christensen, adding that corporate fascism, or “business people using government favours in return for giving up their independence,” is another of Ayn Rand’s warnings that has come to pass.

“In fact, the undemocratic, power-grabbing, emotional, populistic Washington that takes over in Atlas Shrugged is today most closely resembled by the EU and the Eurozone in the real world,” asserts Christensen, adding, “We may have to go through a much more severe economic collapse before change will be forced upon us. Unfortunately, that change may also be totalitarian in nature, of course. In fact, that is the more likely outcome in the short run.”

A central theme of Christensen’s editorial is his assertion that politicians can only survive in an irrational society and therefore constantly need to create problems and then appeal to emotion and pose as the saviors in a bid to remain relevant and seize power.

“[The current irrational world] creates a major opportunity for politicians that intuitively know that in a rational world, there would be little demand for their services,” writes Christensen. “Only in an irrational, emotional universe, where opportunists can gain access to media and visibility to express “feelings” and try to take the moral high ground, no matter how unfounded in reality it is — only in such an environment can you survive without having to produce practical, productive results, and instead prosper and benefit from empty talk and third-rate acting performances.”

Christensen also highlights the fact that the increasing prevalence of onerous taxation policies, such as in France, are destroying businesses and jobs while forcing entrepreneurs to take flight – even to places like Russia – in a bid to find their own “Galts Gulch” where the free market is allowed to flourish and is not strangled by regulation and taxation.

“If we don’t succeed in changing the values and direction of at least the next generation, I fear the full prediction of Atlas Shrugged will become reality and while that may hold some promise for the distant future, it is not something that I think people of my age feel like going through if we can avoid it,” concludes Christensen.

Christensen’s blog post provides several real world examples that back up his argument and is a must read in order to understand how the political class seem to be using Atlas Shrugged as an instruction manual for a totalitarian takeover of society.

Paul Joseph Watson
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More Vital News

3/11 was Japan’s 9/11. It’s all documented folks!   This is Jim Stone’s comprehensive paper on the near complete destruction of Fukushima, one of nuclear power reactor stations in Japan, when it was struck by a giant tsunami wave in March 2011.  The tsuname was so large and powerful that it went way over the protective gates and came crashing down inside the facility.  Then it did its damage.

Fukushima was shut down promptly and automatically after the hit, and Japan was left with one completely dead nuclear power station, one the largest in the area in the area.

It is now January 2014, just short of three years later, and it is still shutdown.  And it is still run by TEPCO, and management there are supposedly baffled by what happened.  The best they can do for solutions is come up with very strange ones.

But what is certain, however, is that the Fukushima nuclear power station will never light the landscape and homes in the evening as it once did.  If fact, it is finished its lifetime mission.  It is done producing electrical power.

Unfortunately, Fukushima is thowing off an enormous amount of radiation and radioactive particle since the containments for the fuel were ruptured, allowing nuclear waste to escape and contaminate the area, the surrounding countryside, the ocean, the air and onward and outward.

This radiation and contamination has aleady damaged killed many workers at the site and people nearby, and ithas been picked up by the ocean and airs current moving generally eastward.  Indications are now that a mass of nuclear debris is being carried by these current toward the United States and has been scheduled to hit our shores early this year.

Clearly, cutting back of radiation and decontamination in the Fukushima area is vital for Japan and also the U.S. to present more deaths.  However, this task will be horrendous.  The key will be to decommission Fukushima, which means taking the thousand of fuel rod out of the present containment and putting them in shielded storage.

The initial conditions for decommissioning Fukushima have worsened since March 2011. Removing nuclear fuel rods will be extreme difficult because of the way they lay in their racks and the fact that they are bent and twisted.

The problem will be to remove each of the thousands of the fuel rods, one at a time, never allowing the rod being extracted to touch another rod.  This is not an easy problem to solve and the consequences of failure to do so will result in gross contamination for thousands of miles around the location of Fukushima should even one rod end up grazing another of the fuel elements.

For example, if a method is chosen and a rod accidentally touches another, the pair will go critical and then there will be nuclear detonation.  The detonation will be something like what occurred at Hiroshima just before the war with Japan in 1945, only much larger.  Really larger!

Jim Stone is a writer who has been observing the madcap going on at Fukushima from the very beginning, in March 2011, when the tsunami hit the station and crashed through meshed fenceline.

What has stuck him about the whole affair is the secrecy of the clean up of the nuclear site and apparent misinformation that has put out by TEPCO and other agencies as to what actual produced horrendous degree of damage.

After working the Fukushima problem for about three years, on the nuclear site on and off, he has concluded that this accident was not an accident.  It was another case of 9/11 in New York and Washington, only it occurred in Japan on 3/11, March 2011.

Read this paper by Jim Stone.  You’ll find very interesting!

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