Neocons Call for U.S. Military Action Against Al-Qaeda in Iraq

James M. Dubik, a retired Army lieutenant general serving as senior fellow at the Institute for the Study of War (ISW), a neocon group, has called for direct U.S. involvement to take on the Salafists, a resurgent terrorist group allied with al-Qaeda, following victories in Fallujah and across Iraq’s al-Anbar province.

“If the United States does not get involved, al-Qaeda, is likely to win”, says Dubik, who writes for the Washington Post.  “None of our options is good. Each has risks, but doing too little also has risks,”

It should be remembered in evaluating Dubik’s comments in the Post that the war merchants and profiteers, Raytheon, General Dynamics, and DynCorp, have connections with ISW, are effectively his employers.

Kurt Nimmo,, has the story.
In response to Salafist victories in Fallujah and across Iraq’s al-Anbar province, James M. Dubik, a retired Army lieutenant general, has called for direct U.S. involvement to take on the resurgent terrorist group. “If the United States does not get involved, al-Qaeda is likely to win. None of our options is good. Each has risks, but doing too little also has risks,” Dubik writes for the Washington Post.

Here is the latest news on the resurgence of al-Qaeda in Iraq.  John Bolton and Oliver North: It’s not just the Sunnis, but Iran’s Shiites are also reponsible for violence in Iraq.

Dubik, the former commander of the Multinational Security Transition Command-Iraq and the NATO Training Mission-Iraq, is a senior fellow a senior fellow at the Institute for the Study of War (ISW).

The ISW is a think tank founded by Kimberly Kagan, a member of the neocon Kagan clan. She is married to Frederick Kagan, a resident scholar at the neocon American Enterprise Institute. Frederick Kagan is the brother of Robert Kagan, a co-founder of the Project for the New American Century. Robert Kagan is married to Victoria Nuland, spokesperson for the State Department, and is a member of the influential Aspen Strategy Group, an organization chaired by Brent Scowcroft and staffed with warmongering Bush era neocons, including CFR insiders Richard Armitage and Eliot Cohen. The Aspen Group is funded by the globalist cabal and transnational corporations, including the Rockefeller Brothers. It also takes money from the CIA’s Ford Foundation.

Most telling is ISW’s connection to war merchants and profiteers Raytheon, General Dynamics, and DynCorp, the latter accused of trafficking in humans.

Recent developments in Iraq by a ruthless and psychopathic Salafist terrorist group created and nurtured by the CIA and Pakistani intelligence bodes well for the neocon cause of total war. It also keeps a highly profitable – for Raytheon, General Dynamics, et al – war on terror moving along its predetermined trajectory. So long as the national security state and its political cliques dominate foreign policy we can expect one crisis after another to keep the perpetual war for perpetual peace juggernaut churning.

The establishment media is now ablaze with warnings of a resurgent al-Qaeda. Bruce Riedel, writing for Newsweek’s Daily Beast, says there’s an “al-Qaeda’s renaissance” going on and Afghanistan, Pakistan and the whole of South Asia. The region will experience an al-Qaeda “comeback,” mostly likely within months. “We will need to protect our own interests there,” Riedel explains. “Only that will prevent another al-Qaeda renaissance in the most dangerous country in the world, Pakistan.”

Once again, the role played by Pakistan’s ISI, the CIA and Saudi Arabia in creating the phantom monster known as al-Qaeda is virtually ignored as another wave of hysterical propaganda conditions a war-weary public to the prospect of another decade of war.

Dubik insists nothing short of “a ground offensive that includes conventional and special operations forces” will suffice in Iraq to turn back al-Qaeda. “Certainly the violence in Iraq is an Iraqi problem. But it is a problem in which the United States has a stake. Years ago, our country sought to have Iraq as an ally in the war against al-Qaeda and to prevent al-Qaeda from establishing a sanctuary in Iraq. Those aims remain legitimate.”

Kurt Nimmo
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